Best MSM For Arthritis: 2020 Review

Best MSM For Arthritis 2019 Review

Are you looking for a natural and safe remedy to help relieve stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? If yes, read on to find out how MSM may be the solution to these debilitating conditions.

MSM is a popular dietary supplement for joint problems. It occurs naturally in plants, animals, and some of the foods we eat. It's also created in the lab that contains the identical molecule as the ones found in nature.

Commercially available MSM can be found in the form of capsule, powder, liquid, and crystal for internal use. It's also available in the form of gel, cream, and lotion for topical uses. Using MSM orally and topically will help you get the most benefit out of MSM.

In this article, I will share with you 5 best MSM for arthritis, both the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. By the end of this article, you will be able to find the most suitable product for your needs. Without further ado, lets get started.

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Best MSM For Arthritis Comparison Chart

ImageProduct NameWeightRatingPrice
Kala Health MSMPure1 pound Crystals check best pricecheck best price
Our Review
Gold Standard Organic Sulfur 1 pound Crystalscheck best pricecheck best price
Our Review
Kala Health MSM Cream2 Ounces Creamcheck best price
Our Review
Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy2 Ounces Creamcheck best price

Our Review
Purified OptiMSM Quick Absorbing Gel2 Ounces Gelcheck best price
Our Review

How does MSM help with arthritis? 

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints which can affect one joint or multiple joints. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with different causes and treatment methods. Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although many of the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are similar, the two conditions have very different causes. Osteoarthritis occurs because joint cartilage starts to break down faster than the body can repair it, while rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune condition that causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in and around the joints and other body organs.

MSM is a natural and safe solution for those suffering from arthritis. It does not have the nasty side effects like pharmaceutical drugs. It helps with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in the following ways:

  • It reduces pain
  • It reduces inflammation which may help to relieve joint soreness, stiffness and swelling
  • It helps reduce muscle spasm around arthritic joints, which also helps to decrease pain.
  • It lessens the formation of scar tissue
  • It improves blood flow throughout the body, including painful joints
  • It may slow down the degeneration of cartilage in people with osteoarthritis 
  • It supports tissue healing, and may assist with healing joint tissue has been damaged by long-term inflammation

There are a number of medical studies over the years have shown that sulfur levels in arthritic joints are lower than normal. In 1995 study, sulfur concentration in arthritic cartilage was shown to be about 1/3 the level of normal cartilage.

Since sulfur has been found to be critical to joint health and MSM is known to deliver biologically active sulfur to the body in a usable way, adding MSM supplementation to your daily routine can help provide a significant improvement, such as less pain, less stiffness, and greater mobility.

Best MSM For Arthritis: 2020 Review

1. Kala Health MSMPure Coarse Powder Flakes

Are you tired of using NSAIDs and other pharmaceutical drugs to manage your arthritis pain and stiffness? Are you searching for a safe and side effect free solution for this debilitating condition? Is yes, then Kala Health MSM is a must. The reason I say that is because many people have experienced dramatic results after using this product.  

Some people are able to reduce their medications and even eliminate the use of strong painkillers such as hydrocodone and vicodin after using Kala Health MSM.

Since inflammation is the root cause of most diseases, MSM is highly effective in reducing inflammation and pain. It also helps reduce muscle spasm around arthritic joints, which also helps to decrease pain. Many have also reported of seeing improvement in as soon as two weeks. 

Kala Health MSM uses OptiMSM which is patented and highly purified form of MSM made in the USA. OptiMSM is held to the highest quality standards, tested by independent laboratories to guarantee there is no harmful metal and biological contaminants. It also goes through a multi-stage distillation process that ensures a 99.9% pure organic sulfur crystals, so you can rest assured of product's high quality and purity.

Kala Health MSM is available in 8.8 ounces, 1 pound, or 2.2 pounds bag. If you prefer smaller crystals, then you will love Kala Health MSM. The crystals are about the size of table salt granules making it fast to dissolve. 

You will also love its no-risk 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if for any reason you do not feel Kala Health MSM is helping you, they will refund your money. 

If above reasons are not enough for you to love this product, you will also love that they are third-party tested, GRAS-designated, Kosher & Halal certified and free of GMO. It's also free of gluten, allergen, shellfish, fillers, and additives, which makes it great for people with allergies and food senstivities.

Many people have experienced amazing results with  Kala Health MSM. In fact, there are over 1,100 reviews on Amazon and majority of them are positive. Click the red button below to find out what other people are saying about this MSM. 


  • No risk 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Uses OptiMSM
  • Effective crystals for arthritis sufferers
  • 99.9% Pure Crystals 
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, non-shellfish-derived
  • Vegan Friendly MSM
  • Affordable crystals
  • Finer crystals dissolve faster 
  • Works for other ailments 
  • Improvement can be seen in as soon as two weeks


  • Bitter Taste
  • It can take longer for some individuals to start seeing improvement

2. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur 

Gold standard organic sulfur offers 99.9% pure large MSM crystals to help relief stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with arthritis. One of my favorite things about this MSM product is its crystal size. The crystals are much larger than other brands, this means the crystals are less refined, making them much more pure, bio available and effective in your body. 

This product is available in 1 pound, 2 pounds or 6 pounds. The price per pound goes down when you buy more, which is a good deal if you plan to stock some away or share with your friends or family.

Unlike other brands that can contain dirty petrochemicals where safety could be a concern, you don't need to worry about that with Gold standard organic sulfur. The reason is because Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is made with quality American DMSO.

You will love that the crystals are not only double distilled for maximum purity and third-party lab certified for purity and quality, it's also free of fillers, anti-caking additives, and binder. So you know you are only getting the best and the purest sulfur crystals that your body deserves.

If that's not enough, you'll also like the below:

  • This MSM uses low heat because overheating can diminish the effectiveness of sulfur.
  • This product also provides your body with far more absorption power and effect than other cheaper crystals.
  • You will also receive 500-2000% more MSM with these crystals than most pills, capsules and powder form, therefore you end up saving more money. 

As you can see there's a lot to love about this Gold Standard Organic Sulfur. In fact, there're hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. If you want to see what other people are saying about this product, click below:


  • 99.9% pure MSM crystals
  • Relieves arthritis symptoms with no side effects
  • Free of fillers, anti-caking additives, and binder
  • Each bag provides about 45 to 60 days worth of supply, which will last you for a while 
  • Larger crystals mean less processed and more pure
  • Provides 500-2000% more MSM per dose than other MSM forms
  • Fast delivery (Usually receive it in 2 to 4 business days)
  • Great customer service


  • Bitter taste
  • Pricey
  • Offers no money back guarantee

3. Kala Health MSM Cream

Taking MSM orally is a great way to reduce symptoms of arthritis. The gel form of MSM is also great for arthritis sufferer. MSM gel works by penetrating the skin or joints to immediately start the healing process and provide relief.

By combining oral MSM with topical MSM, they work synergistically to help improve joint function and mobility, reduces joint pain and stiffness, increase range of motion, and decreases swelling and inflammation. The combination creates a much more profound results than they do separately.  

Kala Health MSM Cream  is the product we highly recommend. It uses Optimsm which is “the purest MSM on the Planet” and the only MSM made in the USA. This means the product goes through a propriety multi-stage distillation process that ensures a 99.9% pure, third party tested to meet their stringent product specifications.

Aside from using OptiMSM, this cream is also GRAS-designated, Kosher & Halal certified, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and non-shellfish-derived. This makes it a great cream for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Some creams can leave your skin feeling greasy. However, you won't have that problem with this cream. Kala Helath MSM cream is a fast-acting topical cream that is easy to apply and quickly absorbs by your skin so your joints can start healing. It also has a pleasant smell to it.

Unlike other cream that are watered down, this is a thick formula. You only need to apply a thin layer of the cream to be effective, so a little amount goes along way. This inexpensive cream is not only effective in relieving pain and stiffness quickly, but also is long-lasting.

If that is not enough, you will also like the following:

  • It comes with no-risk satisfaction guarantee. This means you can try out the product and if you feel that it does not help you, you can return the product for a full refund.
  • Besides being an effective cream for arthritis, this cream also helps provide a clear, softer and smoother skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkle and restoring collagen production. So you can one product that does so much more, which is an amazing deal for your money.

As you can see there's a lot to love about this MSM cream. In fact, there're many positive reviews on Amazon. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:


  • No Risk 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Uses OptiMSM
  • Relieves pain and stiffness quickly and is long-lasting
  • Also works for skin problems
  • Pleasant smell
  • Affordable
  • Fast absorbing Cream
  • Non greasy formula


  • Some do not like how it smells
  • Light-brown color cream can stain light-colored clothing, so make sure you allow it to fully absorb in your skin before dressing.

4. Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

Penetrex pain relief cream is another effective MSM cream that I highly recommend to be used along with oral MSM to help achieve maximum relief. This cream combines glucosamine, MSM, and other powerful ingredients to bring a quick, strong and long-lasting relief for those with arthritis.

Study has shown that combining glucosamine and MSM help to achieve a much greater pain reduction, swelling, and improvement in the functional ability of joints than they do separately.

You will like that Penetrex does not simply mask pain with artificial cooling or warming. Instead, it achieves superior results by focusing on the root cause of pain, which is inflammation. It utilizes a powerful pharma-grade penetration enhancer, which is a system that carries ingredients deep into affected areas, allowing the cream to quickly be absorbed in the body so that the body can start the healing process. 

Penetrex is non-addictive and does not contain NSAIDs, drugs, steroids or parabens. It has a very clean smell to it. Many users have experienced great results with this product. Some even reported of pain relief in just three days. Keep

in mind that since everyone is different and everyone's health condition varies so results are going to vary.

If that's not enough for you to love this product, you will love the following:

  • Penetrex offers 100% money back guarantee. So if you are not 100% satisfied with the product for any reason, they will immediately refund your money.
  • It uses all natural and powerful ingredients such as Arnica, Glucosamine, MSM (DMSO2), Choline, Boswellia Serrata,and Vitamin B6.
  • Some creams can leave greasy feel on the skin. Well, not with Penetrex. It's a fast absorbing cream that won't leave your skin greasy. 
  • The cream doesn't burn or freeze you, but absorbs quickly with noticeable relief.
  • Eases symptoms without the typical terrible smell of most creams.

As you can see Penetrex offers many benefits that other creams don't. This is a popular cream that has over 27,000 reviews on Amazon and majority of them are positive. Some even stated that Penetrex is a life changing pain reliever. If you want to see the changes Penetrex has made in people's lives, click the red below:


  • Effective cream for arthritis 
  • Uses all natural ingredients 
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No animal byproduct, vegan
  • Won't stain clothing
  • Applies easily, absorbs quickly
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Over 27,000 reviews 
  • Voted the #1 best overall muscle Rub For 2019 By Business Insider


  • A bit pricey

5. Purified OptiMSM Quick Absorbing Gel

Have you tried MSM without good result? Do you know why they don't work? The reason for that is because most MSM products are produced using a simple centrifuge method for purification. The result is that you're left with a poor-quality product that simply doesn't work.

However, Purified OptiMSM is different. What's unique about this MSM gel is that they use high-heat filtering process and quadruple distillation to ensure the gel is truly free of heavy metals and contaminants. So you can rest assured that you are getting a pure and quality product.

The advanced aloe vera base in this gel allows for faster absorption. So you don't have to wait for the gel to get absorbed and you don't have to worry about the gel staining your clothing. You will also like that there is no annoying smell so no one will know you're using it, but you will see the improvement.

Unlike analgesics that simply hide the discomfort, Purified OptiMSM doesn't mask the pain. It actually goes deeper into your tissue to help reduce inflammation so your body can heal faster.

Lastly, this gel is not only great for arthritis sufferer, you can also use it to help soothe the pain associated with sports injuries, overworked muscles, fibromyalgia and more. So you are getting one product that can do much more, which is a really good value for your money. 

Don't waste money and time with inferior creams and lotion. Why not take a look at Amazon, you will find many positive things people are saying about this gel. If you want to see what others are saying about Purified OptiMSM, click below:


  • Uses OptiMSM
  • Made in the United States
  • Provides fast and lasting relief
  • No annoying smell
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Safe to use for almost everyone
  • Does not stain your clothing 
  • Fast Absorbing


  • No money back guarantee

Wrap Up

Indeed, combining oral MSM and topical MSM will provide maximum pain relief for arthritis sufferers. For some people results come fast while for others it takes longer, each individual and each condition is different.

Keep in mind that a single use of MSM will not be a cure all but has to be used over time on a daily basis to start experiencing the amazing benefits. A good way of increasing your oral intake of MSM is by incorporating this acclimatization process.

Many people have found that although MSM may not be able to completely eliminate symptoms of arthritis, it reduces the symptoms enough to wean them off medications such as NSAIDs and strong pain killers. 

I hope you enjoyed the article and able to find MSM product that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts. Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I have Lyme Disease, I have been taking MSM but switched to Gold standard MSM, which has made a Big difference. Lyme Bacteria, I believe cause accelerated Joint Inflammation over time when Not treated properly. I started Sleeping Grounded, on a Grounding Mat about two years ago this reduced Inflammation of the Muscles and helped with Electron Uptake, while alkalizing the Blood to a higher level, as well as Oxygenating red blood cells, Grounding got Rid of my Muscular Pain, and helped with returning some of my energy back to me. I had a LOT of Pain, all Over everywhere so Much pain in my body, and only sleeping 4 hours a night if at all, this was a snowball effect, that caused more pain. Grounding got rid of most all muscular pain. But my Joint Pain Remained, Until I switched to Gold standard MSM, from two other MSM sources. Now Joint Pain has reduced to No Pain, I feel great sleep also increased and energy also increased.

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