Best Sulfur Mask For Acne: 2020 Buying Guide & Review

Best Sulfur Mask For Acne

Are you searching for the best sulfur mask for acne? If yes, this article is for you. Shopping for a sulfur mask can be a challenging task, especially for those who are new to skin care.

First, you have to know your skin type. You also have to be familiar with ingredients used in different products as some are gentle while others can be harsh to your skin.

With so many sulfur mask products available on the market today. You will most probably end up being overwhelmed. To make things easier, we've put together a list of the best sulfur mask brands you can trust.

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which product is most suitable for your needs. So without further ado, lets get started.

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Best sulfur mask comparison chart

Below is a table of the top 5 best sulfur mask for acne. We've put together this table so you can easily navigate to a particular product you like to read a full review on. It also makes it easier for you to compare products. We hope you enjoy it!

ImageProduct NameBest ForItem WeightRatingPrice
Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur MasqueBest for combo/oily skin5 Ozcheck best price
Our Review
TreeActiv Four-In-One Acne TreatmentBest for sensitive skin4 Ozcheck best price
Our Review
Sunday Riley Saturn MaskBest for all skin types 5 Oz
Our Review
DDF Sulfur Therapeutic MaskBest for all skin types 4 Ozcheck best price
Our Review
Murad Acne Clarifying MaskBest for sensitive skin2.65 Oz
Our Review

How to choose a good sulfur mask?

With so many sulfur mask available online, choosing the best one can seem difficult to some people, especially if you are not sure what to look for. It's important that you understand not all sulfur masks are created equal. Some sulfur masks are extremely gentle and effective on your acne while others can actually irritate it. 

Buying a good sulfur mask is not just a case of picking the one that has a nice scent. There are actually 7 things to consider. The information below will help you choose the best sulfur mask for acne.

1. Price

  • With a wide selections of sulfur mask products available, it wouldn't be hard to find the one that fits your budget. The price of sulfur mask varies according to their brand and quantity. Expensive products don't always mean they are the best and the most effective. Affordable ones also don't mean they're bad or don't work. Price along is not enough to say much about the quality of a product. Buying something based only on the price alone would not be a wise decision.

2. Skin Type

  • Find out your skin type. Not all sulfur masks are suitable for all skin types. In fact, some are more effective for oily/combo skin type while others are more suited for sensitive skin. Using a mask that's designed for oily skin type could over dry and cause more irritation to your acne if you have sensitive skin. 

3. Sulfur Content

  • Although the formulation of sulfur content can go higher and stronger. At 10%, sulfur can be effective in treating acne without burning or overly drying your skin. If you have questions or concerns about a certain sulfur mask concentration, speak to your dermatologist or contact the product manufacture.

4. Ingredients

  • Some manufacturers use all natural ingredients while others use combination of natural ingredients and chemicals. I personally like all natural ingredient mask because I have sensitive skin and find many chemicals too harsh for my skin. Make sure to study the ingredients list so you know exactly what's in the product.

5. Brand

  • We recommend that you buy a product from a reputable company that's conscientious on the ingredients they use for their product development. This is very important because you are going to use it on your skin and the last thing you want is irritated skin. It's important that you be careful, because if you are not, then you might end up with a poor quality product that does more harm than good.

6. Effectiveness 

  • How long are you willing to wait before seeing results? Since not all sulfur masks work at the same rate. Some may take a few days while others may take weeks or even months to show improvement. It's best that you know how long the mask takes to work before you buy it. By doing so, you will have the right expectation and know how soon you can look forward to seeing results.

7. Reviews

  • Reading reviews is a great way to learn more about the product you're looking to buy. Generally speaking, if the product has mostly positive feedback, it's likely a quality product, but that's not always a guarantee because everyone reacts to a product differently. On the other hand, if the reviews are mostly negative and only a few people have tried it, it also doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad product and you need avoid it completely. In fact, I've personally used and benefited from many products that had mostly negative reviews. So you never know what you are going to find. 

Best Sulfur Mask For Acne

1. Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque

If you have combo/oily skin type or acne prone skin type, Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur product is the one you must consider. The reason I say this is because this mask contains 10% maximum strength sulfur, which helps to effectively dry up the acne and pimples and clear up the blemishes. 

If you didn't know, sulfur is actually one of the best active ingredients to clear acne breakouts due to its natural anti-bacterial properties, this helps prevent future breakouts. It also has the ability to draw out impurities from the skin, including excess oil, and helps cleanse the pores and clarify skin.

Sulfur is also anti-inflammatory and much gentler than other active acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, making it great for individuals with sensitive skin. Be sure to follow the instructions and not to leave the mask on for too long since it can dry out your skin.

One of my favorite things about this mask is that it comes with 5 ounce of mask. This means it will last you for a while. You only need to use a small amount to see improvement. Some people reported to be able to see improvement in as soon as 2 weeks. Bear in mind that since everyone is different, results will vary.

If that's not enough you'll also like the following:

  • It contains eucalyptus oil, which has antibacterial properties to help prevent future breakouts.
  • The sulfur mask is not limited to your face, this highly concentrated product can also treat breakouts on your chest and back too.
  • This sulfur mask is also infused with kaolin A and bentonite clay. Kaolin A is a type of clay that helps to absorb excess oil. Bentonite clay helps to dry and clear acne blemishes and help prevent their return.
  • This product is also infused with aloe vera, which helps to sooth and moisturize your skin. Because of this you won't have to worry about the mask leaving your skin dry.

As you can see there's a lot to love about this mask. In fact, there's over 200 reviews on Amazon about this sulfur mask and almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:


  • Effective sulfur mask for acne
  • Contains 10% maximum strength sulfur 
  • Infused with eucalyptus oil and kaolin A
  • Soothes and calms the skin with aloe
  • Treats acne on face, chest, and back
  • Great for combo/oily, oily and/or acne prone skin. 
  • It comes with a generous 5 ounces of the product
  • Fast shipping 


  • A little pricier
  • Some people experience no improvement. Results may vary.
  • Unpleasant sulfur smell
  • Doesn't offer money back guarantee

2. TreeActiv Four-in-One Acne Treatment

TreeActiv Four-in-One Acne Treatment

Are you looking for an acne treatment product that actually works? Well, look no further, TreeActiv four-in-one acne product is the one to consider. The reason I say this is because this acne treatment product not only works to eliminate stubborn acne and frustrating skin blemishes, but it's also gentle on the skin.

TreeActive Sulfur mask is multi purpose acne solution for mostly all skin type. It can be used as a dry scrub, daily cleanser, spot treatment, or mask to effectively unblock your sebaceous glands, disinfect pores, and clear up frustrating skin ailments without over drying your skin. This product works wonders with sensitive skin. Because of this you'll be able to get rid of acne without over drying or irritating your skin which is the last thing you want.

One of my favorite things about TreeActiv is it's made with powerful natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals damaging or irritating your skin. 

The bentonite clay helps to draw out toxins. Crystallized sugar helps to draws water from the surrounding air to hydrate your skin by trapping in moisture. Honey powder helps to loosen up the dirt and dead skin cells while locking in moisture. 

You also get the lemon peel powder which helps to brighten skin tone and remove dark spots. Grapefruit essential oil helps to leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. Aloe Vera promotes natural healing. Lime essential oil helps the body absorb and process nutrients more efficiently. And witch Hazel helps to eliminate acne by reducing inflammation and balancing the oil in your skin.

If that's not enough you'll also like the following:

  • TreeActiv is not only for acne, it's also for blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, inflammation, and blemishes. So you are getting a product that does so much more, which is great value for your money.
  • This product also tackles symptoms like redness, enlarged pores, and a complexion marred by acne.

The combination of the natural and powerful ingredients is the reason why TreeActiv is so effective in clearing and preventing breakouts. In fact, there are over six hundred reviews on Amazon about this TreeActiv and almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below: 


  • Uses all natural ingredients 
  • Effective in treating acne and other skin problems
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Palm Oil free
  • Affordable 


  • Complaints of sulfur smell
  • Reports of skin irritation 
  • Offers no money back guarantee

3. Sunday Riley Saturn Mask

Sunday Riley Saturn Mask

Sunday Riley Saturn is another great sulfur mask product that's medicated with 10% maximum strength sulfur. 10% sulfur helps to dry and clear up acne, while preventing new blemishes from forming. This mask does an amazing job to calm your sensitive skin.

Besides the sulfur, Sunday Riley’s acne mask also comes with several other wonder-working ingredients: niacinamide promotes clear skin and boosting the skin appearance. Zinc PCA and bentonite clay help to minimize excess oil, clear impurities, and reduce redness, without over drying your skin.

The mask is also topped off with high potent soothing tea tree and manuka oils, which help to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, and looking healthy. 

What I love the most about this product is it can be used for multiple forms of acne such as blocked and congested pores, inflammatory acne, hormonal acne, and acne rosacea. So you get one product that can do so much more.

Some people may find the smell of the sulfur scent too strong while others find it mild. Either way, it's normal for sulfur products to have some sulfur scent. 

Although the sulfur smell may not be pleasant, that's what natural sulfur smells like. In the case, you can rest assured that you are getting the most natural sulfur and that's what makes this product so effective in getting rid of acne.

In fact, many users have reported great results after using this mask. Some individual use it as a spot treatment over night and their pimples were able to disappear in one or two days. Keep in mind that results will varies across individuals. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:


  • Contains 10% maximum strength sulfur
  • Contains chock-full of wonder-working ingredients
  • Treats multiple forms of acne 
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Leave skins feeling smooth and soft


  • Complaints of sulfur scent 
  • Doesn't offer money back guarantee

4. DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, 4 Oz

This is another sulfur product that's loaded with 10% sulfur to help absorb oil, keep skin clear, and prevent future breakouts. If you are looking for an effective solution to help get rid of acne scars or blemishes, this product is the one to consider.

The reason I say this is because you can treat and prevent blemishes by exfoliating dead skin cell and minimizing oil, and Dr. Sobel's Therapeutic Sulfur Mask can help you achieve that quickly and gently. 

Dr. Sobel's therapeutic sulfur mask is great for blemishes resulted from adult acne, hormonal acne, and even stress, develop when dead skin cells trap the P. ACNES bacteria in the pore. 

This sulfur mask is a base of bentonite clay, which is very rich in the earth's natural minerals and extremely porous. It's also combined with talc and kaolin for ultimate absorption in soaking up excess oil from the skin. Glycerin and Aloe Vera help to moisturize, soothe, and calm the skin.

Additionally, sweet almond oil conditions the skin and is easily absorbed for optimal nourishment and also helps prevent the skin from becoming dry. Because of this, you don't have to worry about the product over dry your skin or cause irritation. With this product, you will get oil-free, brilliant, smoother, radiant-looking skin with fewer breakouts. 

If that's not enough, you will also like the following:

  • This product comes with 4 ounce sulfur mask, which will last you for a while. You don't need a lot for it to work, a little goes a long way.
  • Sulfur not only helps fight acne, it also helps you fight free radicals and boost your collagen level, giving you a healthier and more youthful skin.
  • The mask is ideal for use on the face, but you can also use it on other areas on the body such as shoulders, chest and back.
  • You can use this product as spot acne treatment instead of a mask.

As you can see there's a lot to love here. In fact, this product has many positive reviews on Amazon. Some users claimed it's the best skin-clearing mask on the market. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:


  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Absorbs skin oil
  • Helps prevent blemishes from occurring
  • Helps keep pores clean and clear
  • The mask has a very smooth texture
  • Great for acne, pimples, blackheads, and cystic acne 
  • Neutral scent, no sulfur smell
  • Leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and clear
  • Fast result 


  • A little expensive (Although it's on the expensive side for a mask, this product is definitely a quality product that is worth the price)

5. Murad Acne Clarifying Mask

Murad Acne Clarifying Mask is another excellent product to help fight acne. It contains 4% sulfur to help reduce acne's severity as it encourages the skin to clear.

This mask features a natural clay base that effectively absorbs impurities while soothing and calming the skin with allantoin, zinc and licorice for a clear and even complexion. 

Not only does Murad Acne mask help draw out impurities, it also reduces breakouts by regulating oil production and delivering powerful acne medication, leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant all day.

The product also comes with antioxidant grape seed extract, which helps to neutralize free radicals in order to prevent premature skin aging. The lavender extract helps to calm the skin, and reduce redness and inflammation as it neutralizes acne-causing bacteria.

You can also use this product as a spot overnight treatment or as a mask. It's great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Simply smear the product across your face for a 10-minute mask, or spot-treat pores and zits that need extra attention, avoid eye area. Remove with damp washcloth and warm water. For best results, use at least once a week. If you experience dryness after uses, use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and reduce the frequency of use.

Common complaint of this product is the sulfur scent. Sulfur products naturally have the sulfur smell unless fragrance or essential oil is added. The more a product smells like rotten egg, it's likely you are getting a product with the most natural ingredients.

In my humble opinion, the benefits of the product far outweighs the sulfur scent.  In fact, many have used this mask with excellent results. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:


  • Draws out impurities and reduces break outs
  • Delivers powerful acne medication
  • Contains 4% Sulfur
  • Kaolin Clay regulates oil production
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Fast shipping


  • Complaints of sulfur smell
  • Offer no money back guarantee 


Are you ready to buy the best sulfur mask for acne? Now that you’ve looked at the different sulfur masks, the pros and cons of each, you should be able to choose the one that best suits your need.

To make sure you’re getting the best mask, always take into account the seven factors mentioned earlier while you shop. Before you buy anything, find out your skin type. Decide how much you are willing to spend. And research the company behind each product to make sure you’re getting a quality product from a reputable manufacture.

Remember to also check the ingredients for each product and find out how long you need to use it before seeing improvement. By doing so, you’ll know upfront whether or not the mask can meet your expectation. 

I hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts. Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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