Can Children Take MSM?

can children take MSM

I recently received an email from one of my readers asking the following questions:

 I will answer all of the questions in this article. So without further ado, lets get started.

Can Children Take MSM?

Children can safely take MSM. In fact, children as young as 19 months have taken MSM (organic sulfur) with positive results and no bad effects. 

Children that are fed a healthy diet such as organically grown foods and vegetables don't really need MSM for proper growth. However, if they are fed with mostly processed foods, then MSM is a beneficial addition for them.

Children with asthma, allergies and other illness reported to have benefited from MSM. Additionally, in 12 cases of children with autism, parents reported children responding well after taking MSM such as increased participation in activities, more involvement in their environment, and in three cases those children developed simple speech.

In four of those cases (This is after the young children have taken Organic sulfur for two years) enrolled in regular school. In one case of a 12 year old, there was very slow but steady progress in learning simple words and interacting with parents. These cases are rare but the reports appear valid. (