Can Children Take MSM?

can children take MSM

I recently received an email from one of my readers asking the following questions:

 I will answer all of the questions in this article. So without further ado, lets get started.

Can Children Take MSM?

Children can safely take MSM. In fact, children as young as 19 months have taken MSM (organic sulfur) with positive results and no bad effects. 

Children that are fed a healthy diet such as organically grown foods and vegetables don't really need MSM for proper growth. However, if they are fed with mostly processed foods, then MSM is a beneficial addition for them.

Children with asthma, allergies and other illness reported to have benefited from MSM. Additionally, in 12 cases of children with autism, parents reported children responding well after taking MSM such as increased participation in activities, more involvement in their environment, and in three cases those children developed simple speech.

In four of those cases (This is after the young children have taken Organic sulfur for two years) enrolled in regular school. In one case of a 12 year old, there was very slow but steady progress in learning simple words and interacting with parents. These cases are rare but the reports appear valid. (source)

How much MSM should I give to my kids?

You will want to give your child 1 teaspoon of organic sulfur crystals per 100 pounds of their body weight. For example, if your child weighs 35 pounds, you would only be giving your child about 1/4th - 1/3rd teaspoon. 

How To Make Sulfur Taste Better?

Due to sulfur's bitterness, you may have to get creative with the taste. You can mix the sulfur crystals with lime, lemon, or orange juice to hide the taste. You may also mix it with applesauce or yogurt. Mixing it with vitamin C such as citrus fruit juice could increase the effectiveness of sulfur. However, mixing it with anything else could reduce its effectiveness.

MSM and vitamin C work together to build healthy cells. In fact, when organic sulfur is taken together with vitamin C, the effect on your overall health is much more profound than they do separately.

Organic sulfur (MSM) helps open up body cells and make them more permeable, which allows the harmful substances to flow out while permits nutrients to flow in. Vitamin C works to fight harmful free radical and repair the tissues throughout the body. 

There are a couple of recipes I’ve tried and I strongly recommend you to check it out. They are absolutely delicious and easy to make. These recipes also make it more attractive and easier to administer MSM to your kids.

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MSM is safe for children to take. The challenge of giving children MSM is the bitter taste. No child like bitter things, however, by following the tips mentioned above, they will make it easier for you to give MSM to your children.

I hope this short article was helpful. Please leave any comment or concerns in the comments below and I will do my best to get back to you on time.

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  1. What got my attention is the affects in children with autism. I have 2 autistic children and always looking for something good for them. Thanks for the information.

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