Can You Put Sulfur Crystals In Empty Capsules?

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Recently I received an email from one of my readers and here is her question "Can I put the sulfur crystals into a capsule and take them that way"? In this post, I am going to answer that question. I am also going to share with you the pros and cons of doing that and the capsule recommendations. So without further ado, let's dive right in.

For those of us who take organic sulfur on a regular basis, the bitterness is something that we've been able to overcome and accept in order to reap the amazing benefit of organic sulfur.

Unfortunately, the bitter taste is not something everyone can overcome or get used to. This is often the case with new users. Some users are able to persevere and continue taking the supplement as the bitterness eventually diminishes after a month or so of taking it. However, some users just can't get over its taste. 

Ideally, you want to take organic sulfur crystals with filtered or purified water to achieve maximum results. This is my most preferred way of taking sulfur crystals. However, the problem most people face is the bitterness. Some common methods to mask the bitterness include the following:

  • Taking sulfur with vitamin C such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, or lime juice is a great way to improve the taste and also help achieve maximum benefits. Click here for more information.
  • You can also mix sulfur with coffee, honey, or milk to make the taste more palpable.

For those that have tried the methods above and still struggle with the taste, another method is to put sulfur crystals in empty capsules and take them like regular pills. I recommend that you grind the crystals into a fine power as this allows you to easily fill the capsules and also pack more tightly. 

When buying capsules, you want to make sure they are free of additives and are pure gelatin. The reason for that is because you don't want additives or other things to interfere with sulfur's absorptive or decrease its effectiveness. Capsules can come in several different sizes and the standard size is 0. It's important to note that the smaller the size number the bigger the capsule. 

Although putting sulfur in the capsule may not be the most ideal solution, it's definitely a great strategy for people that want to enjoy the benefit of sulfur crystals but have a hard time getting over the bitterness. I would not recommend this method unless you really struggle with the taste.

With that being said, as with anything in life, there are pros and cons. Below you will learn the pros and cons of putting sulfur crystals in capsules. 


  • Great method to avoid the bitter taste of sulfur
  • Capsules are easier to swallow 
  • Capsules are conveneient to take to work 
  • Capsules make it easier to administer sulfur to your pets and children  
  • Making your own capsules is much cheaper than buying pre-made MSM capsules
  • When you fill your own capsules, you know exactly what is in them.
  • Your capsules will be filled with whatever you like without added fillers or binders


  • Can be messy trying to fill the capsules 
  • Additional expense 
  • Time consuming task to fill the capsules 
  • Capsules could slow down the absorption of the sulfur. This means you have to wait longer after taking it before you eat or take other supplements.
  • Capsules could also reduce sulfur's effectiveness. This means it would take longer to see results.  
  • It's recommended that you take one teaspoon of sulfur for every 100 pounds of body weight. This means you have many capsules to swallow. (1 teaspoon is about 7 of the size 0 capsules)

You can find empty capsules on Amazon and other online stores. Empty capsules come in different size, quantity, and quality. Some are suitable for vegetarians while others are not. Some are more expensive while others are more affordable.

To help you out, I have done the research for you so you don't have to. Below you will find 3 products that are recommended for vegetarians and 3 products that are best value for your money. At the end of this article, you'll have an idea of which product best suits your need.

1. Now Vcaps '0' Empty Capsules

  • Size 0 (standard size)
  • 300 Veggie caps 
  • Non GMO
  • Fast dissolving capsules 
  • Unbeatable price
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Empty Vcaps are a great alternative to animal gelatin capsules
  • Empty capsules allow you to fill your own vitamin
  • Contains only hypromellose (cellulose) and Water
Now Vcaps '0' Empty Capsules

Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (627 Customer Reviews)

2. Purecapsusa Empty Vegetarian Capsules 

  • Size 0
  • 1000 Fillable Caps
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Non GMO
  • FDA-approved
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Pure ingredients, contains only vegetable cellulose and purified water
  • Fee of corn, wheat, gelatin, animal by-products or starches.
  • Dissolves quickly and easily digestible
  • A Size 0 capsule can be filled with up to 680 mg of powder, depending on the powder density. 
  • Safe and economical for filling with herbal and medicinal powders

Purecapsusa Empty Vegetarian Capsules

Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (108 Customer Reviews)

3. Solaray Empty Vegetarian Capsules

  • Size 0 
  • 500 count
  • Clear empty capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Made with vegetable cellulose and purified water
  • Economical and convenient way to take strong tasting vitamin
  • Holds 325 to 650 mg of material depending on the density of the substance you are filling it with

Solaray Empty Vegetarian Capsules, Size 0, 500 Count

Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (50 Customer Reviews)

Best Value For Your Money!

1. Empty Gelatin Capsules By Capsuline

  • Size 0
  • Available in 1000 or 5000 empty capsules 
  • Best deal for the price
  • Clear gel capsules
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Made with 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • No additives or contaminants
  • Contains no common allergen or gluten
  • Resealable packaging 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

Customer Ratings: 4.6 stars (1,409 Customer Reviews)

2. Herb Affair Clear Empty Gelatin Capsules

Herb Affair Clear Empty Gelatin Capsules Size 0 - 1000 Count

  • Available in 7 sizes (the larger the number the smaller the size)
  • 1000 Count
  • Great for pets and kids medication
  • BSE-Free
  • 100% bovine pharmaceutical gelatin
  • Kosher and Halal Certified
  • Manufactured in Colombia .
  • 1000 capsules at a time is enough to last an entire year.
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fill your capsules with whatever you like without the added fillers or binder

Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (940 Customer Reviews)

3. Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules

Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules,"00" size

  • Size 00
  • Non GMO 
  • Free of BSE or gluten
  • Pure clear capsules
  • Odorless and tasteless capsules  
  • Easy to fill and slug fit 
  • No preservatives or additives 
  • Great value for your money
  • Saving money on pre-made capsules 
  • Dissolves in about 5-10 mins of ingestion 
  • Pure kosher and halal
  • Contains only beef gelatin and water
  • Size "00" holds about 730 mg or 1/5 tsp or power, depending on the density of the substance

Customer Ratings: 4.1 stars (1,265 Customer Reviews)


Are you ready to buy the empty capsules for your needs? Now that you’ve looked at the different capsules available, you should be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember the best way to take organic sulfur crystals is to take them with water or fresh citrus fruit juice. Putting sulfur crystals in empty capsules is a great method. However, it's only recommended if you've tried every method mentioned above and you still struggle to get used to the taste. 

I hope you've enjoyed the article and found it helpful. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts. Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have you ever put sulfur crystals in empty capsules and take them that way? If yes, how was you experience? I would love to hear what you have to share. Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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