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7 Things to Know About Preservatives in Homemade Products

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Many commercial skin care products are loaded with harmful chemicals and preservatives to allow products to remain fresh. Preservatives are great for keeping products free of bacteria, but many of them are unhealthy, can cause allergic reactions and even cancer. More and more people are getting away from commercial skin care products. Many are now taking advantage of the wonderful benefits …

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What is Sulfur Allergy? The Difference Between Sulfa, Sulfite, Sulfate, and Sulfur!

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What is sulfur allergy? Are you allergic to Sulfa, Sulfite, Sulfate, or Sulfur? Which one causes an allergy? There’s quite a bit of confusion about the differences between these compounds because their names sound similar. Many people think if they are allergic to sulfa drugs or sulfites and think they need to avoid dietary supplements containing sulfates or sulfur such …

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How to Make Hand Lotion in 10 Minutes?

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Did you know that almost anything you put on your skin can get absorbed into your bloodstream? Yes, that includes harmful and toxic chemicals and preservatives found in many store-bought skin care products. If you’ve never read your lotion ingredients list or don’t think it’s important, I highly recommend that you visit my “how to read lotion labels – 9 …

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How to Make Homemade Natural Lip Balm

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Cold weather is coming, which also means dry, chapped, and cracked lips. No one likes dry or chapped lips. And for many of us, lip balm is an essential product that we apply and reapply over and over in the course of a day. Now with winter months ahead, the frequency of lip balm use is only going to increase. …