Delicious Avocado Mango Salad Recipe in 10 Minutes

delicious avocado mango recipe

I was never a salad person. I grew up in a family where we only ate cooked vegetables. The thought of consuming raw vegetables never once crossed my mind until a few weeks ago when I decided to be a little adventurous.

A few weeks ago, I bought some avocados and vegetables and since I’m not good at cooking, I decided to make an avocado tomato salad out of them. I was neither confident nor had a high expectation that it was going to turn out good.

I was actually pretty surprised to find how amazingly delicious vegetables can be when consumed raw.

I’ve definitely missed out a lot on the raw vegetables and their health benefits. Now with my avocado and raw vegetable addiction, I think I will be catching up to the missed salad in no time.

At my restaurant, we have this dish called Thai mango chicken. This dish contains freshly sliced mango, sliced onion, and chopped multi-color peppers. They are then stir-fried in Thai sweet and spicy mango sauce and topped off with minced cilantro.

Thai mango chicken is one of my favorite dishes. One day I was eating this scrumptious and savory dish, I suddenly had the inspiration to make some kind of mango salad.

Since I’ve been making salads for several weeks now and I’m pretty confident this salad was going to turn out beautiful and tasty.

Below is the picture of this delicious avocado mango salad recipe.

Delicious Avocado Mango Salad Recipe

In this post, I am going to share with the importance of sulfur-rich foods and how to make this delicious avocado mango salad.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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The Benefits of Sulfur-Rich Foods

We hear so much in the media and from our friends and family the importance of antioxidants, vitamins, and supplements, but rarely do you hear about the importance of sulfur (MSM). I am not talking about the inorganic sulfur (the rotten-egg smell), but rather the sulfur that’s naturally occurring in foods and in the human body.  

You’re probably wondering what is so great about sulfur. Well, sulfur is present in all living tissues. It’s a component in two important amino acids:

  1. Methionine, which your body doesn’t synthesize and must be obtained from your diet
  2. Cysteine, which needs a steady supply of sulfur and is synthesized by your body.

Sulfur is on