Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Review – Larger is Better

Gold Standard Organic SulfurProduct: Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals

Price:  $39.99

Best Place to Buy: Click Here

Ingredients: 99.9% Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) .01% DMSO

Size: 1 Pound

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review: In this review, I am going to walk you through the product description, why size matters, my personal testimony, how taking organic sulfur saves money, and why Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is my number one choice.

Size Matters

Organic Sulfur is important for optimal health and wellness. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body after calcium and phosphorus. It plays an important role in the detoxification and oxygenation of all cells, and without it, our body simply cannot mobilize and release toxins. Toxins will then accumulate and remain embedded in the cells, which will make us more susceptible to illness and disease.

Ever since our country started using chemical fertilizers in the mid-1950’s, this has significantly interfered with the natural sulfur cycle, which has caused a tremendous decrease in the sulfur that used to be in our soil. Today, almost all of our food is sulfur-deficient.

Organic sulfur is neither a drug nor vitamin, but rather a nutrient or food that our body needs to function properly. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is a product that can give your cells the critical support they need for healthy bones, joints, muscles, cells, skin and hair, and much more. When it comes to choosing an organic sulfur product, size does matter. What I mean by this is that in order for a sulfur product to be pure, safe and effective, the size of the crystals must be large, the larger the better.

what is organic sulfurOrganic sulfur should have large crystals of flake appearance, as shown in the image to the right. Sulfur products in the forms of powder, pills or capsules are not as safe and effective as the larger crystals due to silica, fillers, anti-caking additives, and binders normally added to them.

Regardless what anyone tells you, all commercially available organic sulfur products, including Gold Standard Organic Sulfur brand are the result of chemical reaction between DMSO and hydrogen peroxide, such organic sulfur is identical to the ones found in nature. Organic sulfur does occur naturally, but the amount found in nature is not enough for extraction.

It is estimated that 70% of organic sulfur products that are available on the market are imported from China or India where quality could be a problem.

If you see sellers that claim their products to be natural, lignin-based, pine knot, sawdust, wood-chip, pine tree, salt water, plant-based naturally occurring, or vegetable-based, be careful, these are actually advertising hypes. The deception is used to promote sales, because they sound very green and eco-friendly, but they are not true and very misleading.

Product Description

1. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals are the largest crystals on the market for the maximum effect at the lowest dosages.

2. Gold standard organic sulfur is 99.9% pure and free of fillers, anti-caking additives, and binders.

3. It is made with quality American DMSO, not the dirty petrochemicals like other cheaper brands. Many oversea manufacturers use a method of crystallization to make their organic sulfur, which is not as pure, safe and effective as the distillation process.

4. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is double distilled for maximum purity. It uses low heat because overheating can diminish the effectiveness of sulfur.

5. Your body absorbs sulfur in large crystal better than any other sulfur products. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur provides far more absorption power and more effective than cheaper, knock-off crystals. It also gives you 500-2000% more MSM than most pills, capsules and powder form of organic sulfur, therefore is more cost-effective.

6. Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is third party lab certified for purity and quality, and hand-packed to prevent contamination from machines.

My Personal Testimony

gold standard organic sulfur
Me and my sulfur.

I used to suffer from lots of food allergies, severe acne and rosacea. I had tried pretty much every remedy out there to resolve my problems, including products of many different brands, and many prescription oral and topical treatments. You name it, I tried it. Nothing seemed to work for me. I became so depressed, frustrated, hopeless, and almost want to just give up and accept the situation, but I didn’t.

Later I learned about organic sulfur and decided to give it a try. My organic sulfur regimen started in 2016. During this period, I spent so much money trying out different sulfur products in the forms of pills, capsules, and fine powder with no success, and some of them even made sick. I was so determined that I was going to find something that would work.

As I continued my search on, one day I saw Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals appeared on my computer screen, it said something about their larger crystal size being better and far more effective, so I decided to give sulfur one last try. I have to say I am glad I did.

Ever since I started taking organic sulfur, my skin problems and allergies have dramatically improved; my immune system is much stronger, and I also noticed a tremendous increase in my energy level. I used to get sick all the time, about 4 to 6 times a year, and the visit to my doctor was frequent. I have been taking Gold Standard Organic Sulfur for about a year and a half now and it is amazing that I haven’t been sick since.

Gold Standard Organic Sulfur has also greatly improved my dad’s arthritis and my mom’s heart condition. I find it amazing how something as simple as sulfur can have a dramatic impact on a person’s overall health.

Organic Sulfur Cost Savings Are Unreal – Sulfur a Day keeps the Doctor Away

We all know that healthcare is expensive, even if you have insurance, it can still sometimes be expensive for some individuals. In addition to paying insurance monthly premium, there are other costs involved when you are sick, such as doctor visits (copayment and deductible), lost wage from work, transportation cost, possibility that your boss might fire you, and the lost time with friends and family, to name a few.

The average cost of a serious heart attack can range over $1 million dollars in direct and indirect costs when lost work time, follow up visits and rehabilitation are considered. Cancer costs are usually in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These costs can be financially devastating to individuals and families.

I probably have paid over thousands of dollars for prescription oral and topical treatments, over the counter acne creams and allergy pills, and doctor’s visit (copayments and deductible) over the years. Had I known about Gold Standard Organic Sulfur sooner, I would’ve probably saved several thousand dollars.

More Doctor’s Visit Equals to Better Health?

When people go to see a doctor, chances are you would likely go home with a prescription of some sort of medicine. If you believe your doctor is managing and controlling your health because you are taking prescribed medications – I am sorry to tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong!

That’s because medical doctors are very well-trained to treat symptoms, they consider the symptom to be the actual problem, as opposed to addressing the underlying causes that produced the disease or symptom in the first place.

Gold Standard Organic SulfurAs a nurse of two years working in the ER and IMCU setting, I will tell you that when you are suffering from medication side effects, you are likely going to end up getting more medications to counteract these side effects, and this cycle will continue. Your medication list will grow longer and longer. Too much medication may delay and interfere with your body’s ability to recover.

I do believe medication has a valuable place in our society, and can certainly save lives. But, it is not always used appropriately.

I will tell you from my experience, my healthiest patients are the ones that take few to no medications, and my sickest patients are the ones who are on multiple medications. Why is that? Well, there are far too many prescription drugs that do more harm than good and some drugs can even weaken one’s immune system and interfere with the natural and healthy functions of the body.

Conventional medicine today is much like trying to fix a car by listening to the noises it makes instead of looking under the hood. When your engine light comes on, you would probably take it to a car mechanic, right? In the mechanic shop, would you like a mechanic to find and fix the reason why your check engine light is on? Or would you like the mechanic to break your check engine light so it is shut off completely and tells you that he had fixed the problem?

I know the second option sounds crazy, but there is not much difference between breaking the engine light to cover up the problem and seeing a doctor and being prescribed medications to cover up the symptoms. Interestingly enough, most people would be upset if their mechanic breaks their check engine light and tells them that the problem is fixed, while completely ok for their doctor to address symptoms with expensive drugs and not treat the underlying cause. Until you find and fix the root cause of the problem, you are merely covering up symptoms.

So why suck money out of your bank account for hospital and doctor visits, and prescription medications when you can spend substantially less and prevent the illness in the first place?

Prevention is the key to a healthy life, it is much easier and cheaper to stay well than it is trying to get well from an illness. Staying well not only help you save money in a future hospital and doctor’s visit, prescription medications, lost wages, transportation costs, unproductivity, and sick days, but you can also live and feel much better and healthier. Now you know that our medical system does not fix the cause of your problems. Wouldn’t it be wise that you invest your money towards something that could transform your health?

What is the Actual Cost of Gold Standard Organic Sulfur?

gold standard organic sulfur
Each and Every morning I start my day by mixing 1 teaspoon of gold standard organic sulfur with a glass of 8 oz of filtered water.

What if it only costs $0.54 or $0.83 per day to keep your body at its optimal level of health and vitality? Would you do it? I would, sign me up anytime. That is why I take my Gold Standard Organic Sulfur every day, honestly, I had not felt good for years until this product came to my life, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. It is truly a miracle mineral that has transformed my life and health.

You are probably wondering where these costs came from. Well, I normally buy 6 bags of Gold Standard Organic Sulfur at a time, and pay around $155 with shipping included. Each bag is 1 pound, so with 6 bags, I have a total of 6 pounds. The recommended amount for me after acclimatization is to take 1 teaspoon twice a day. Each pound is 16 oz, which is also equivalent to 96 teaspoons.

Since I take 2 teaspoons per day, 96 teaspoons (1bag) would last me for about 48 days. And 6 bags would last me for about 288 days or 9 ½ months. Since I pay $155 for 6 bags, which average out to be $25.83 per bag, divide $25.83 per bag by 48 days, I would then get $0.54. This is how much I am paying everyday to keep my body running at its optimal efficiency.

You can also choose one bag at a time, which is $49.99 per bag. How long it lasts depends on how much you weight. To figure out the daily cost, I would take $49.99 divide by 48 day, which is $1.04; this is how much you would be paying per day to stay healthy If I go with one bag option.

It’s conclusive, Gold Standard Organic Sulfur is the Best!

What is more important than health? Honestly, I can’t think of anything that is more important than health. I understand that health may not be everything for everyone, but I personally believe that without health, everything is nothing. I would find it difficult to enjoy life if I was sick all the time.

We are living in a society where we want a quick fix for everything. If you are under the impression that organic sulfur is a quick solution for your health problems, I am sorry to tell you, this product may not be the right choice for you.

Please do not expect immediate relief or instant recovery when taking sulfur. Since everyone’s health conditions vary in severity and reacts to sulfur at a different rate. Some people may start to notice the effects of organic sulfur within two weeks of taking it, while others may take months or longer.

Gold Standard Organic Sulfur
Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals 1lb. Price:$39.99

I have to admit that the taste of the organic sulfur is pretty bitter and some people may find it hard to swallow. But there is a solution for that: you can mix sulfur with fresh lemon or lime juice, tea, or coffee to mask the flavor. I have a video on how to make organic sulfur taste better. Click HERE to watch. 

Personally, the bitter taste doesn’t bother me. Another option to minimize the bitterness is to put organic sulfur directly into your mouth and quickly swallow it with a few sips of water and follow with 8-10 oz of water.

When taking sulfur, maintaining proper hydration is important since water helps to detoxify the body and it is needed to help flush these cellular wastes out of the body. In order for sulfur to be effective, I have to drink about 2 liters of water a day; the amount of water you need depends on how much you weight.

Some people may find it hard or even inconvenient to drink the proper amount of water throughout the day in the beginning. But, you will eventually get use to it. I am sure you are going to love Gold Standard Organic Sulfur as much as I do.

I often ask myself the first thing in the morning how much does it worth to feel good today. What am I willing to pay to feel good right now, to enjoy a full day’s worth of energy, to feel I can take up any activity I want at any given moment, to get a good night sleep, to have beautiful skin, to be able to eat anything I want without allergic reactions and other problems that I used to experience before taking organic sulfur?

How valuable is it for me to be healthy and vital enough to spend time with my friends and family, to enjoy my years in whatever way I like? What dollar amount would I affix to have health and vitality? If I were to ask you these questions, what is your answer today?

For the sake of your health and potentially your families, I highly recommend that you pick up your own Gold Standard Organic Sulfur. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions or comments about the Gold Standard Organic Sulfur or want to leave your own personal review, please feel free leave a comment below.

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