How to Make Hand Lotion – Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes

How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 MinutesDid you know that almost anything you put on your skin can get absorbed into your bloodstream? Yes, that includes harmful and toxic chemicals and preservatives found in many store bought skin care products.

If you’ve never read your lotion ingredients list or don’t think it’s important, I highly recommend that you visit my “how to read lotion labels – 9 harmful ingredients to identify and avoid” article for more information.

Many commercially available lotions may not be as safe as they claim or advertise. And often time they are loaded with chemicals and harmful synthetic fragrances that are potentially dangerous to your health.

Why buy these lotions when there are better and safer alternatives. 

Have you ever thought about making your own hand lotion? Making hand lotion is not only a great way to avoid harmful synthetic chemicals in store bought lotions, best of all, it is so easy and simple to make, cost effective, and super moisturizing and nourishing to your skin.

In this article I will show you step by step instructions on how to make hand lotion. This easy homemade hand lotion recipe only takes 10 minutes to make using 4 ingredients with some ingredients you probably already have sitting somewhere in your kitchen.

Nature Has Everything We Need 

Nature has provided us an abundance of options when it comes to skin care products, so there is no excuse for using poor, unhealthy and harmful synthetic chemicals.How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes

I am passionate about using truly natural, pure, and organic products on the skin. I believe you don’t really need many ingredients to make an excellent, nourishing skin care products. What you really need is quality ingredients.

High quality ingredients are of great importance because our skin is a semi permeable barrier so the majority of what we put on it will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Even thought high quality natural and organic ingredients can cost more up front but definitely will save us money in the long run because they are so versatile and a little goes a long way.

Benefits/Purpose of Each Ingredient 

Coconut Oil

  • How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 MinutesCoconut oil is not only excellent for cooking that’s loaded with good fat, it’s also an excellent massage oil and a moisturizer for the skin.
  • Not only is using coconut oil on your skin an all-natural method to eliminate the harmful ingredients found in many skin care products, but it’s also a cost-effective way to care for your skin and body.
  • Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the skin on a deeper level than the average product because of its low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins.
  • I love coconut oil. It’s one of my favorite and the best natural moisturizers. Coconut oil’s saturated fats help the skin stay moisturized, and the fat prevents moisture loss through the skin’s pores. These fats give the skin a healthy, smooth and even tone.

Emulsifying Wax

  • How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 MinutesWe all know that oil and water don’t mix well, so in order to get them to come together into a stable emulsion, you need some sort of emulsifier or emulsifying wax. Emulsifying wax is an essential ingredient used for making lotions. It works wonderfully for combining oils and water into a stable emulsion. Since lotions are created from a mixture of water and oil. Without emulsifying wax, the mixture simply won’t hold together. Think of emulsifying wax as a glue that holds your recipe together.
  • Emulsifying wax actually works on a molecular level to bind oil and water together to work as one. Water is a polar material. Polar materials are also called hydrophilic. Hydrophilic materials are water-loving materials. Non-polar materials like coconut oil and olive oil are hydrophobic. Hydrophobic means water-fearing.
  • An emulsifier has a hydrophilic portion and a hydrophobic portion. This essentially means that it can effectively bind both water and oil together into a smooth emulsion. As an added bonus, because the oil remains mixed with the water, the wax actually helps the oil to better penetrate the skin, thereby replacing lost moisture.

Distilled Water

  • How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 MinutesI strongly recommend to always use distilled water when making homemade skin care products.
  • Distilled water is when you remove the minerals, chemicals, contaminants like bacteria and virus and many other impurities from the water.
  • It is created through the process of distillation, which involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. So when we use distilled water to create our lotions, we have fewer opportunities for bacteria and virus and other impurities to ruin our homemade products.

What about tap water? 

  • How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 MinutesThe minerals and metals contained in tap water will interfere with the ingredients of your lotion formulation and ruin your recipe.
  • Tap water also contains all sort of nasty stuff like chlorine, chemicals and other impurities which can increase the likelihood of mold and other microscopic organisms’ growth in the lotion.
  • Distilled water is best when making lotions because it doesn’t contain the minerals and other nasty stuff found in regular tap water that can spoil your lotion.
  • If you don’t have distilled water, you can use regular tap water as long as you boil it.

How to Make Hand Lotion

I’ve made many kinds of oil-based body butter in the past. It is a good moisturizer which works really well. It might turn some people off because it can be dense, heavy and too oily for some people which can leave their skin shiny and greasy. Personally, I don’t really mind it.

This recipe is a great introduction to oil-water emulsions. This light, creamy and fast absorbing lotion will help to moisturize and promote healthy skin which is going to leave your hands feeling soft and smooth, not greasy.

This recipe yields about 2 oz of hand lotion.

Ingredients You Need: 

  1. Organic Unrefined & Cold Pressed Coconut oil (Where to get it)
  2. Milliard NON-GMO Emulsifying Wax (Where to get it)
  3. Distilled Water (Can be purchased in Local Grocery Stores)
  4. Optional: Any Essential Oil Scent You Prefer (Where to get it)

Tools You Need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Small Glass Bowl or Stainless Steel Bowl and a Pot to create a Double Boiler
  3. Large Bowl
  4. Stir Stick, Whisk, or Electric Hand Mixer
  5. Measuring Spoon
  6. Silicone Spatula
  7. Zip Lock Bag
  8. 2 oz BPA Free Squeezable Plastic Empty Bottle (Where to get it) or 100% BPA free food grade Silicone Container (Where to get it)

  • I love putting my lotions in silicone containers because I can easily squeeze the lotion out through the cap.
  • With silicone containers, I don’t have to worry about transferring germs from fingers to the lotion and therefore causing contamination and decreasing the shelf life of the lotion.

Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes

1. Be sure to clean all your tools and working surfaces. My favorite cleaner is just the simple old rubbing alcohol. It has sterilizing and disinfecting properties, and best of all, it is one of the cheapest options for safe cleaners.2. Place the stainless steel bowl in a small pot of boiling water over medium heat. And then reduce the heat to a simmer.How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes 8

3. Place 2 teaspoon of organic coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of Milliard NON-GMO Emulsifying Wax in the stainless steel bowl. Stir constantly until all ingredients are completely melted.How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes 114. Heat up 12 teaspoons of distilled water.

5. Keep the mixture heated on the stove. Add the hot distilled water to the melt coconut oil and emulsifying wax. The mixture will quickly emulsify into milk-like liquid. Keep stirring the mixture for one to two minutes to make sure everything is fully melted. Next, remove the stainless steel bowl from the pot and turn off the stove.

How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes13

How to Make Hand Lotion - Easy Homemade Hand Lotion Recipe in 10 Minutes13

6. You can cool the lotion in two ways.

  1. Put the lotion in the refrigerator for few minutes.
  2. Fill the large bowl with cold water and place the stainless steel bowl over the water. The mixture will slowly turn into thin lotion.

7. Don’t worry about the lotion being thin at the moment. It takes time for the ingredients to emulsify. In the next few hours the consistency of the lotion will become much like the store bought lotion.

8. After the mixture is cooled down, add any essential oil you prefer.

9. Blend the lotion with electric hand mixer to make sure all ingredients are evenly mixed.

10. Use a spatula to transfer lotion to a ziplock bag. Cut off a corner of the bag and squeeze the lotion into the bottle. Wipe your hands with the bag to moisturize them for days afterward, so nothing goes to waste.

11. Label your lotion if you wish to do so. Apply, as needed, to hands and body.


  • The consistency of the lotion can be altered by increasing or decreasing the amount of distilled water used.
  • Thinner lotion = Use an extra 1 to 2 teaspoon of distilled water, so about 13 or 14 teaspoons.
  • Thicker lotion = Use 10 to 11 teaspoon of distilled water instead of 12 teaspoons.


Check out my other article about the importance of using preservatives for homemade products that contain water, milk, hydrosols or other aqueous liquids.

I love the wonderful things water can do for my homemade hand lotion. Once you add water to your lotion, it becomes lighter and melts into your skin better, but the problem is it also becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, yeast, molds, and fungi.

That is why lotion needs to be adequately preserved in order to prevent contamination and microbial growth. Since this lotion contains no preservative. Be sure to store it in the refrigerator and use it up within a week.

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I hope you found this article helpful and have fun making your own lotion!

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