How to Make Organic Sulfur Taste Better?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve talked extensively about the importance of adding organic sulfur to your daily regimen.

There are many amazing health benefits of organic sulfur. It’s an important mineral needed to built, detox, and repair the cells in your body.

But this wonderful mineral does body no good if one has difficult time handling its taste. This is especially the case for individuals that are sulfur deficient

If you have hard time getting used to sulfur’s taste or if you stopped taking sulfur because of its taste, I recommend you keep reading for solutions.

In this article I will share with you ways to make organic sulfur taste better.

It’s bitter

Organic sulfur crystals taste bitter. But this bitterness will diminish after a month or so of taking it. 

Personally, the taste of organic sulfur never bothered me, and after 2 years of taking it, I barely notice the bitterness anymore.

Keep in mind that when you first start taking organic sulfur, it can be very bitter, this could be a sign of sulfur deficiency, but it will get better once your body is getting sulfur regularly.

If you try to kill the taste by mixing sulfur with store bought sweet juice or soda, and remember sulfur binds with everything, so the effectiveness will be reduced. 

But there are few things you can mix with sulfur without rendering it ineffective.

Vitamin c

How to Make Organic Sulfur Taste Better

I am sure many of you are familiar with vitamin C and its health benefits. It’s a powerful antioxidant and a great immune booster that helps to fight free radical, heal wounds, and repair and maintain bones and teeth.

But did you know when organic sulfur is taken together with vitamin C, the effect on your overall health is much more profound than they do separately?

Organic sulfur helps to open up body cells and make them more permeable, allowing harmful substances to flow out while permitting nutrients to flow in, and vitamin C’s job is to fight harmful free radical and repair the tissues throughout the body. They work synergistically to build healthy cells.

The vitamin C I am talking about is the pure and fresh vitamin C from citrus fruits, not pill or capsule form.

In fact, most vitamin C that comes in the form of capsule or pill. The additives, bonding agents, or anti-caking agents that are commonly used to manufacture capsules or pills will significantly reduce sulfur effectiveness.

If you ever want to take vitamin C capsule, pill, or powder, to ensure nothing interferes with sulfur, I recommend that you take organic sulfur first, then wait 30 minutes before taking anything else, this would allow maximum sulfur absorption.

How to make organic sulfur taste better?

There are a couple of recipes I’ve tried and I strongly recommend you trying if the bitterness is an issue for you.

These recipes are attractive and easy ways to administer sulfur to your children.

And if don’t mind the taste of organic sulfur and simply want to amplify the benefits of both nutrients, these recipes would most definitely provide you added additional health benefits.

Recipe #1

How to Make Organic Sulfur Taste Better

1 teaspoon lemon juice (Be sure to stick to fresh lemon, as pre-squeezed juice loses much of its vitamin C very quickly)

1 teaspoon pure maple syrup or raw organic honey 

1 teaspoon organic sulfur crystals 

16 oz warm or cold water (can be served with ice cubes)

Recipe #2

How to Make Organic Sulfur Taste Better

1 teaspoon lime juice (Be sure to stick to fresh lime, as pre-squeezed juice loses much of its vitamin C very quickly)

1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon organic sulfur crystals 

16 oz warm or cold water (can be served with ice cubes)

The amount of organic sulfur I use for these recipes are based on my weight. Be sure to adjust the recipes according to your recommended amount of sulfur for your weight.

The general guide after acclimatization is to take 1 teaspoon of organic sulfur per 100 lbs twice daily.

For example, if you weight 200 pounds, you would have to tweak the recipe just a bit by using 2 teaspoons of organic sulfur and dilute them in 32 oz of warm or cold water. The lemon or lime juice,  natural sweeteners, or apple cider vinegar can be left to just 1 teaspoon. However, you can also double them if you like.

Few things to keep in mind 

How to Make Organic Sulfur Taste BetterThere are few things you need to keep in mind when drinking this mixture.

Lemon and lime juice are the most acidic fruit juices of all, with a pH of 2 to 2.6, which can do some horrible damage your tooth enamel. Enamel is hard to grow back and once it’s severely damaged, it can even be irreparable.

Make sure you drink this mixture with a straw so that it bypasses your teeth.

Also be mindful not to brush your teeth immediately after drinking this mixture. This will wear away the enamel even more as the citric acid is still fresh on your teeth.

If you insist to brush, I recommend rinse your mouth with water before doing so. 

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There you have it.

If you can’t handle the taste of organic sulfur or if the bitterness is the reason you stopped taking it, be sure to try these recipes.

I hope you give them a try and hopefully you continue to enjoy many of its life changing benefits.

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