How To Read Lotion Bottle Labels – 9 Harmful Ingredients to Identify and Avoid

How To Read Lotion Bottle Labels

Winter season is here, so is dry skin and the increased use of lotion. We love our lotions. We slather it to our skin. They do the job of protecting, moisturizing and softening our skin. And most of them even have a really nice fragrance to it.

For most of us, each time we apply lotion to our skin, we assume we are taking the proactive step forward to keep our skin nourished, moisturized and healthy.

Lotion Bottle Label - woman applying hand lotion to her hands

But before you reach for that bottle of lotion in your purse or on the bathroom shelf, what’s in your lotion may not be as innocent as it looks!

There are so many different types of lotion out there and some of them even contain ingredients that actually do more harm to your body than good.

Have you ever taken the time to read the label on your favorite lotion? If your answer is “no,” I highly recommend you read this post to the end.

In this article, I am going to talk about the importance of reading lotion bottle labels, and 9 harmful ingredients to identify and avoid.

So without further ado, let’s get started!