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Can MSM Cause Hair Loss?

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Using MSM internally and externally is a great way to help promote healthy hair growth and decrease hair shedding. But even with the best supplements, they could come with some undesired side effects. There is nothing worse than taking a supplement to help promote hair growth only to find out it could potentially do the opposite. This is very scary to …

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How To Use MSM For Hair Growth?

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In my last post, I talked about “how does MSM help with hair growth.” If you haven’t had a chance to check out that post, I highly encourage you checking it out so you can fully understand the benefits of MSM for hair growth.  MSM can be used internally and externally. The focus of this post is using MSM externally. I …

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28 Impressive Benefits of organic Sulfur (MSM)

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What if I told you there is a “miracle mineral” that strengthens immunity, fights the effects of stress and pain, reduces inflammation, increases energy levels, improves skin complexion, and provides allergy relief? Would you be interested?  If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to share with you 28 impressive benefits of organic …

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How Does MSM Help With Hair Growth?

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Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. Thin, brittle, and dry hair can be a great concern for many people. Naturally, they look for solutions to help their hair. With a variety of hair growth products available on the market today, natural treatment methods seem almost outdated. But some of the natural methods can be just as effective as the commercial …

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Top 10 Best MSM Products To Amplify Your Health

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I love the benefits I’ve been receiving from organic sulfur crystals. I recommend it to others all the time. Unfortunately, the crystal form of the sulfur is not suitable for everyone for a couple of reasons. Some people find it difficult trying to get used to the bitter taste. And some find it inconvenient having to drink water throughout the day. If …